In 2017 the new Solar Terra BIPV roof of a listed farmhouse building in the canton of Fribourg, Switzerland, by Issol Suisse SA, developed together with CSEM and ÜserHuus’ support, was inaugurated with a lot of media coverage.

Among the many forthcoming projects is the facade retrofit of the ÜserHuus/Tigh Grian show-houses at BRE Watford. The existing traditional cladding will be replaced with multi-coloured PV cladding. This cladding is made in collaboration with Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts HSLU and combines special colour printing on glass with more efficient mono-crystalline PV technology as a market ready product.

Other forthcoming pilot- and demonstration projects include a slate grey PV roof (sandblasted thin film) at BRE Ravenscraig, a garage hall in Northern Ireland and a BIPV sculpture (maybe a giant water lily) as well a new facade for the boat garage at ÜserHuus’ premises.  We also envisage several multi-coloured PV facades in Switzerland, for example for an architectural practice near Lucerne and a bank’s administrative building near Geneva.

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