We transfer university research to build a sustainable world of the built environment


Technology transfer is at the heart of our mission.
We want to facilitate pioneer developments from prototype engineering (university) to market success (Industry).
Our goal is to add value to the results of scientific and technological research by transferring them to the right place at the right time.


We envisage buildings to be both, energy efficient and beautiful, fostering a sustainable environment and human wellbeing, together with our research partners: BRE, Building Research Establishment, United Kingdom CSEM, Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology, Switzerland HSLU, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Switzerland.


Our projects so far include: A terra cotta effect BIPV roof on our show house at theBRE Innovation Park, Watford (www.bregroup.com) and (www.userhuus.com/park), a terra cotta effect BIPV carport roof at our premises (www.userhuus.com/carport) in Hergiswil, Switzerland, the BIPV “Swissness” façade at the Umweltarena, Spreitenbach, Switzerland, (www.userhuus.com/spreitenbach-switzerland) and the coloured and structured BIPV balcony balustrades at the NEST building at EMPA (www.userhuus.com/coloured-and-structuredpv), Dübendorf, Switzerland.

We also were involved in developing Terra Cotta BIPV roof tiles by Issol, testing by CSEM,installation by Solstis and sponsoring by ÜserHuus, Republic and Canton of Neuchâtel, State of Fribourg and the Federal Agency for Energy for a farmhouse in alisted building area in Ecuvillens, Fribourg, Switzerland (www.userhuus.com/userhuus-contribution).

The BIPV sculptures representing three Greek goddesses (Athena, Artemis and Aphrodite) and Greek pillar types (Doric, Ionic, Corinthian) at ÜserHuus’ premises in Hergiswil, Switzerland, (pilot and demonstration project) have been officially inaugurated at a public event on November 15, 2019, see on our blog ÜserHuus BIPV Steles/Sculptures and Open Day at ÜserHuus, Hergiswil

The facade retrofit of the ÜserHuus/Tigh Grian show-houses at the BRE Innovation Park, Watford with multi-coloured BIPV cladding has been accomplished in January 2020. The multi-coloured BIPV cladding is made in collaboration with Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts HSLU (https://www.hslu.ch/en/). It combines special colour printing on glass with more efficient mono-crystalline PV technology as a market read product, tested and certified. It has been mounted on top of the existing facade (wood, metal and composite) by our Swiss photovoltaics installation team from Alex Gemperle Ltd, Sins, Switzerland (see photos on our blog: www.userhuus.com).

There will be an official event at the BRE Innovation Park to showcase this type of active facade to engineers, architects, researchers, academia and everyone interested,  but, because of delays and restrictions due to Covid19, we don’t know, yet, at what point in time.

We envisage to implement several multicoloured BIPV facades (new build or retrofit) for different facades (office buildings or private housing) in Switzerland and in the UK.

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ÜserHuus Flyer

Here you can download the our flyer.


JACQUELINE SCHINDLER, president of board

ROBERT COWIE, member of board, vice-president

ERICH SINGER, member of board, assistant VP

Dr. STEPHEN WITTKOPF, managing director